How Does It Get Better Than This?
Risaria Langley

How Does It Get Better Than This?


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This book evolved when working with her friend and colleague Deborah Hadfield as they developed their film projects and view of filmmaking. Using the tools of the Law of Attraction and sharing Appreciation to manifest what she wants in her life and the world, her favourite phrase from the spiritual teacher Abraham-Hicks has become 'How Does It Get Better Than This?' She uses this in her 'Bard on the Beach' happiness coaching sessions, and it was the obvious title for her book.

This is a great tool kit for manifesting and attracting what you want into your life: Helping you get into alignment. Short, simple and practical, the very writing of the book has manifested Risaria a place living by the sea on the beautiful North East coast of England. How does it get better than this? 

There are seven chapters - each with a practice for the reader to put into effect the different processes that Risaria has used effectively in her own life and in her workshops. Each practice has a slightly different purpose. They are all aimed at helping you to find your own path to happiness.


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How Does It Get Better Than This?

This is one of my all-time favourite multi-purpose phrases. You can use it when things are going well and you want to expand and keep on going! Also, and this is the clever thing, it also works when things are not going so well and you want them to improve.

How cool is that?

I had a flat tyre on my bike and was just setting off on a bike ride. I was standing outside my front door looking at it – I laughed and asked myself, 'How Does It Get Better Than This?' My next door neighbour, who had just moved in, came out with her bike and looked down at my flat. “Do you want help with that?' 'Oh yes!' I said. 'I'm off to work' she told me, 'but my boyfriend loves repairing bikes.' 

What a great way to make friends with your neighbour and get your bike repaired! 

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