Around the World in 80 Brews
Leon V. Bloom

Around the World in 80 Brews


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The authors of this book met at one of the shabbier establishments along Pall Mall and built an expedition: exploration and upliftment, not of human kind, but of numberless well-proportioned measures of local brew. Local to where? Everywhere…

Across thousands of miles of open roads and narrow alleys, the quest for the world’s finest pint opened a wondrous world of drinking customs and merry conversation. This book charts the ultimate drinker’s journey. A journey they were determined to see right through to the bitter (or lager) end: a globe-trotting adventure from the bottom of the barrel to the Meisterstuck of brewed goodness.


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It is necessary to point out to any intrepid explorer looking to take in the delights of the world’s plethora of great breweries that you could do so without ever leaving the UK at all. Across the four corners of the British Isles you will find hundreds of delights that will more than sate the appetite of any beer-lover. From the home-town joys of London’s own Meantime distillery, through the lovingly crafted lagers of Samuel Smith in Yorkshire, to the lavish flavours of Punk-IPA creator Brew Dog all the way up in Aberdeen, there are enough establishments to leave you flat on the floor without stepping foot on a plane. Yet if you are going to truly explore the variety and culture of beer, you must look to distant shores. And to distant shores we went.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Before we set out we knew this had to a carefully planned operation.

We had to make our choices carefully if we were to find the truest picture of the world’s drinking customs and products. This was not simply going to be picking the first 80 entries from a Google search of ‘good beer’ and calling it a day. Of course there are some large breweries and brands that are impossible to ignore and would form a key part of our quest but we wanted to go beyond the shining lights that dominated the industry. We needed to go deeper, to find those gems that have only been discovered by mumbling locals and lost tourists. We needed to look off the beaten path, into the nooks and crannies of the high cities and enter the heart of the humble villages. It was about finding the people, not just finding the pint. Through our love of beer we would discover the wonders of this world.

So with all that in mind we had our objective, our raison d’être for the foreseeable future but like all great journeys, they begin with single step. For us that step was a farewell drink in the place we knew best: South London.

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