Gordon Turner

Gordon was born and raised in Preston in the North of England but has lived and worked in London for over twenty-five years. His career started when secretaries still smoked liked troupers, computers were mainly on the telly, and trainees were still sent on two-hour journeys to ‘fax something’.

These days, he is an employment-law specialist, and operates between London, Manchester and Preston, where possible taking his beloved bike with him. Over a colourful career as a litigator he has been involved in all kinds of cases, from the more gruesome - domestic violence, murders and other crimes - to the curious - a non-existent ‘avatar’ who brought over one hundred age-discrimination claims via the Internet. He has strong views, and sees humour as part of any good lawyer’s armoury. Gordon is an avid public speaker and trainer and is quoted and writes frequently in the press - for example Radio 4’s Law in Action (on ‘law and forgiveness’) and Panorama (on events leading to the resignation of the former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke) and Radio 5. 

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