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Deborah Hadfield

Deborah Hadfield is a screenwriter, film director and producer. She was formerly a television reporter and presenter.

Her movies have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won awards around the world. The Goodbye Letter feature-film script was optioned on the second draft by producer Nick O’Hagan. Her current script, Sweetest Love, is in pre-production with an Oscar-winning crew and A-list actors. Sean Connery expressed interest in playing the lead in her script Dr MacLean.

Her feature script, The Kindness of Strangers, became an award-winning independent movie, which she directed. It earned her the Best Director award at the International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema and the New Star Award at the Madrid International Film Festival. Writing is at the heart of all Deborah’s work, from her first job as a reporter on the weekly newspaper, The Lichfield Mercury, to now creating multi-million-pound feature film scripts. Her passion and inspiration always start with words on a page.

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