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Andy Christ

Andy has lived a rich life. He's fed to the full on fried food, full-fat rock 'n' roll, and most other things with plenty of F in them, apart from fish (which is waaay too healthy).

A lifelong devotee of rock, punk and post-punk, he first saw the Sex Pissed Dolls in 2014, and has never looked back. In fact, he's not had time, since he's pretty much never stopped looking at the Dolls' Facebook page since that first, fateful gig in Warrington. 

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swin-Doll is his first book. Written by a true fan for fellow fans, this book is part band-biography, part musical critique, and 100 per cent love letter! It charts the early days of what Andy knows will be a meteoric rise for the Dolls - to world domination, and beyond... 

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