The Gap Between Worlds
Andrea Cartier

The Gap Between Worlds

Fiction & Poetry

Voters Rating 4 / 1000



A small-town girl from a stiflingly protective religious cult escapes and finds freedom by immersing herself in a totally different environment. She dives down rabbit hole after rabbit hole – the weirdness of demented cosmopolitan Manhattan, European and Arab worlds. Adele finds the gap between physical and spiritual worlds, all as part of her journey towards discovering the metaphysical meaning of life.



  • Down the rabbit hole—sexual discovery
  • Finding meaning—making a difference
  • This world is not enough—connecting to spirit
  • Discovery—the world is round, the other side of the pond; no longer an ‘American’
  • Discovery of soul mate? Finding the dark side of love
  • Escaping danger
  • The Manhattan socialite material world – the quest for status
  • Soul payments, the price of entry
  • Finding female power—and the backside of jealousy
  • Losing all boundaries
  • Living between two worlds
  • Her brother didn’t escape
  • Autumn—her powerful spirit awaits
  • Grandmother… the DNA memory—nostalgia and deja vu
  • The colors of soul, a perfect eruption
  • There are no gaps, perfect consciousness
  • It was always there my dear, the reason for the journey
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Dad… Please tell me. What do I need to know…? How do I live the rest of my life? What lessons do I need to know?

Adele was panicked and felt the life was being sucked out of her soul. It was as if she was being buried alive. Scared and confused. Desperate. Desperate to know the answers of the life that was before her. Scared that she had no one to lead her and show her the way. Trapped… without a lifeline.

She was only 17… a mere baby in life experience, protected from the ‘world’ from a mind- and life-controlling religious cult, one that her mother joined when she was young - much to her father’s dismay. Her innocence was protected at all costs – by this religion that cut itself off from the rest of the world. The elders wanted to keep their subjects ‘innocent as to badness’, away from the ‘corruption of the world’. It was better for them to not be educated not to experience life as the rest of the world did, the elders said. They should get all of their instructions of what to do and not do from the elders.

The innocents needed to stay within the protection of the clan, and follow the prescribed doctrines. It was better to be protected.  There were some things they just didn’t need to know.

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