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Editor's choice

Martin Baker, Wet Zebra's editor, writes:

Entrepreneurship - A Case Study From Two Viewpoints is a long title for a book that makes short work of highly complex and entertaining subject matter.

This book does so much more than take a tour of the the world of business. Graham and Tony have distinctive, contrasting, but complementary narratives of their journey together through academia (including an excursion into "quantum chemistry") and the pioneering adventure of daring to claim intellectual property from their discoveries (a scandal in Oxford academic circles at the time).

Add to that the story of a relationship that starts out as teacher and pupil, but quickly becomes a friendship that only deepens when subjected to the stresses and strains of dealing with the City's raging bulls and rampant bears.

This is an evocation of the value of capital - human capital. It's a moving tale of two men who effectively invented an asset class now celebrated in financial circles. Graham and Tony may have made - and lost - millions, but they never lost their sense of humour or decency. Entrepreneurship is a compelling, uplifting read.



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