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Welcome to WET ZEBRA, and the editor's choice of our published books

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texts our team have most enjoyed.

Editor's choice

Martin Baker, Wet Zebra's editor, writes:

Everyone is welcome at Wet Zebra. Experienced authors and aspirant writers alike, we’re simply delighted to act as a platform for authors and writers to find an audience – and then let loose our editing and publishing skills according to the diktats of the people. Jeremy Corbyn eat your heart out . . . 

Nevertheless, we’re especially thrilled to have a superb historical fantasy thriller from former bestselling author at James Murray and Faber & Faber and acclaimed film maker, Jim Ring.

Queen’s Ransom posits a world in which the Nazis won World War II, and Britain is under the heel of an authoritarian Berlin regime (think of Robert Harris’ Fatherland, and the earlier masterpiece by Len Deighton, based on exactly the same premise, SS-GB). The abduction of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, following an extraordinary strike against a victorious Hitler lead to a series of brilliantly imagined, enthralling events.

This book was an absolute delight to read, and has been a rare treat to edit. The process of final editing and publication is in train. Meanwhile, check out the excerpts on site, and please vote to register your interest.




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